Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I'm back!  After a couple of years of no blogging, I've decided it's time to start a new one, with a different purpose.  This blog is going to focus mainly on what God is up to in worship.

I began this year with this thought:

"I wonder what God could do with a bunch of people who are keen to worship Him, with no time limits, no restraints and go beyond just singing..?  To give Him full access to our hearts.

So with pure curiosity and eagerness, we have started having weekly worship nights at our house.  I'm hoping to blog a bit about the revelations, experiences and encounters we have with our God.  So far after two nights, we have experienced His joy, sung new songs over our city and nation and just sat in His presence asking for His glory to invade our lives.  We have laughed, danced, cried and stood in awe in His amazing presence - but I know there is more yet to come.

My prayer is that this blog will encourage you to seek His face more.  To hunger and thirst after Him more.  To know Him more - and in turn, to make Him known more.

So I invite you to journey with me, with us as we give Him full access to our hearts this year!!!

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