Friday, 18 January 2013


Hi everyone.  Well we've had four worship nights so far.  I thought I would be blogging like crazy, or at the least doing a write up once a week of how the night has gone.  But I'm finding myself at a loss for words.

This blog is entitled 'Unlearning'.  And that's exactly where I am finding myself during our worship nights.  I'm totally undone.  My mind is blown.  My formula (which has taken years to perfect) of how to lead worship - it has no place here.  I'm continually having conversations in my head that say:  "what on earth are you doing?"  and  "what next?"  and  "this is crazy!"  I have no one to ring for advice either!  So I'm learning and unlearning as each night progresses.

People ask us how it is all going and all I can say is that it's hard to describe.

I am learning to listen to Him for each step.  What songs to sing.  When to be quiet.  When to wait.  When to press in.  It all seems so new and so unfamiliar - but SUCH FUN!!!  I came into this thing determined not to prepare songs, or even to pray beforehand about how the night would go.  Because I'm a person who lives the quote:  If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!  Well, goodbye quote.  We want it totally to be Him.  Striving has no place here.

We have been so surprised at how God has moved, and how different every night has been.  Each person who comes brings a different dynamic to the night and carries something so beautiful in worship that every night has been a totally new experience.

To 'know' God is not only to have an intellectual knowledge of Him.  To 'know' means to experience who He is.  And I see how He is tuning us in to His heartbeat.  Every night has not been about us.  God has visited us with His love and then in turn we've been burdened for the nation.  For our unsaved friends and families.  For revival. For people....God loves people...

There's been like a cycle of worshipping Him, His response to our worship (and that has been crazy!!), then our response to His love...and so on....

Our group will be shrinking soon with a couple of lovely girls heading off to uni.  So if you're keen to come along get in touch with me.

"I want to know You, let Your Spirit overwhelm me.  Let Your presence overtake my heart."


  1. So exciting - can't wait to hear more!

    1. Kristy you are more than welcome to come along sometime! :)